IT support

Returning to our dictionary theme, the word support may be defined as “to bear the weight or take the pressure of a burden…”

… and what a burden IT can be sometimes! For small businesses, a computer glitch can mean lost hours of work and enormous frustration. A more serious IT problem can be catastrophic.

As our clients have their own specific requirements, so we do not try to cover everyone with a one-size-fits-all maintenance contract. We are able to offer IT services from simple ad-hoc on-site support to comprehensive, proactive maintenance cover with remote access suitable for businesses of any size.

  • Smaller clients who are more cost sensitive typically use us as someone to call for quick advice or to resolve a specific fault which they cannot fix on their own.
  • Our larger clients mostly go for our complete support package where we pro-actively fix faults to minimise or even eliminate disruption arising from computer faults.
  • Remote and local network administration support, fault finding and maintenance for Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • System level support for all operating systems and limited application level support.
  • Clients get to talk to someone when they have a fault instead of just a voice mailbox or email.

Second only to ensuring that your server actually working, is making sure it is backed up successfully every night. We have seen many cases where a server has developed a fault and it is only then that the company realises the backup was not functioning. We monitor back ups on a weekly basis to ensure the data is exactly what it is supposed be.

We keep everything as simple as possible and advise all clients to the best of our ability. For new start-ups, which is most suitable - wired, wireless or a combination? Each has its advantages based on the individual locations. We can pre-configure your computer system before installation, so your office is ready to function immediately and provide the very best IT support thereafter.

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